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People,Passion,Politics and the INDIAN

Lies, Damn Lies and Leftists.

We are living in interesting times and times which were never ever before been so dynamic. The entire world order changes once every century.

It seems so evident that an era of the monarchs faded not very easily, yet eased them selves in the history books with a passage of time as victims of a changing world. The imperialistic rules in many countries for centuries seem to serve the purpose of an era that used to exist then.

Change in many ways brought down the iron curtains of communist rule in some of the most significant empires in history.

At one point in time the entire globe was threatened by the possibility of a World War in the current era when the dreaded cold war between the democratic giants USA and communist giants Russian held world attention and polarized every other nation to aligning their loyalties

Country after another moderated their communist stand with an injection of democratic fervor and caught the rapid train to progress. And then the famed Berlin Wall cracked to unify the Germany of today when communist East Germany ceded its existence. Look at Russia then and Russia now. They are one of the two erstwhile communist old blocks now reformed pseudo communist nations with a flavor of capitalism in BRIC countries along side China on the progress express speeding into the next millennium.

Closer to home such a moderation of communist agenda was explored by a brave heart in Buddha Deb in the recent times. It took a TATA to lend support to the initiative. How did we react? Revolt is the right word. An avalanche of leftists came down so heavily that was screaming in the face “I don’t want progress here squeal”. Every pro urbanization thrust in India has been resisted by the leftists as anti agrarian movements. This is far from the truth.

At the center the leftist never had it so good for a while in terms of being a visible voice in a ruling party government. Though there is tremendous merit in the comrade’s secular agenda but they seem to be the only stumbling block in the path of reform process and holding back the country to single digit economic growth rate.

They were time before their present partnership with UPA the stints with NDA were they could lend outside support to the government. The case in point is did they at all contribute to the common mans cause or the economic cause aside the strong pitch on secularism?

When they had the going so good, what did they do? Shackle a team of proven reformists who revived the fortune of an India. India in the early 90’s had to pledge it gold reserves to generate cash to run the economy?

The Team of Reformists being Dr.Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram and Motek Singh Ahuluwalia.

Look at were we were as a nation being acknowledged as one of the strongest contenders to being the SuperPower today defining new world order through economic leadership.

Off course the India shining period during the NDA rule combined with outstanding reforms process set the charge by TDP in Hyderabad with 8 years sustained reforms and change management and SM Krishna contributions , lent a great deal of thrust to the momentum set by the troika of 90’s reformists.

I must also add aside the misgivings which are unpardonable from a humanitarian view point on the Godhra riots , the Modi government super charged 360 % development process for economic and social process only rivaled by Chandrababu’s effort at Andhra Pradesh.

Irrespective of the political climate Mumbai and Chennai have steadfastly grown their contribution to the Gross Domestic Product of the India today. That is they never shackled the development and growth agenda with their limiting ideologies.

This to me is a track record and a pedigree of political leadership praise worthy to be enabling societies - all in a span of a decade and a half of discontinuous rule.

Now a look at one of the states which has the longest political patronage in terms of longevity. Calcutta was one of the richest states in the pre independence era as well as a major metro in the post independence era. Calcutta one of the cities in India renowned for rich literary pool and strong distinctive culture. Fortuitously they had one of India’s tallest political leaders in Jyoti Basu in a left governed state enjoy the time of three decades in public office.

a. One would imagine that that would have succeeded in creating the single most important growth engine for India. Or better Calcutta or let me put it correctly West Bengal should have been a state with maximum citizen welfare and standards of living highest in the country. Where the gap between the rich and the poor is at the most minimum negligible.

b. A state where they intelligentsia , youth and the working class need not have looked beyond the borders of West Bengal for employment opportunities.

c. Better still West Bengal as a state should have built resilient healthcare systems, a world class education system with top class varsities. It should have been a state where unemployment should be the lowest. Per Capita Income the highest and literacy levels on par with the best in the country.

d. Urban and Agrarian infrastructure setting the bench mark for the country. A Welfare state where distribution of wealth and amenities for common man to be evenly spread across social classes. Over all an equitable distribution of wealth in the society. May I add social security for the working class as well?

e. A state where 90 % of the products are desi products and MNC products sell the least.

If you are wondering why I was listing the values of a model society in my previous paragraphs it is due to the constant bickering by the Leftists on any ruling parties. This is the vision that they say should be a standard across all state in India.

And I quite agree with them.

Aside the credible produce of record food grain. A department where the West Bengal State over took the other rice bowls of India like Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, there have been very limited achievements that the government in West Bengal manage to achieve in the 3 plus decades of unflinching mandates they
Have been winning year after year.

May we seek to understand the legitimacy of the Lefts claim to be the guardian of protecting the interests of the common man in a cohilition lead government where they have as a party miserably failed to meet all of the point made in a,b,c,d & e and of the many basic need of the electorate in Bengal.

In fact on several counts of urban development, job creation, GDP contribution to the nation, average per capita income and health of the state economies, several smaller states upstage the once rich city of joy “Kolkatta”

Consider this, A state which was one of the richest, and at times bigger and more vibrant then a city like Mumbai is now tottering to be alive , leave alone meet standards of living compared to smaller towns like Vizag, Trichy , Pune.

Why then should we consider Left as a Party of significance to build, manage and run the Indian state? If not for the deplorable state of Indian democracy where cohilition politics provide for fragmented party to come together for devious shortsighted goals, the Lefts would have been Left Far Behind.

At least after the recent withdrawal from the UPA government they have drilled the final nail in their own coffin.

And what did they do the man who served them so well in moderating communist view for more than two decades. A man who stood for the respect of the Speakers Post in the parliament by not deserting then it needed him the most. They expel him ?

It took a combative Lalu Prasad to sight a synonym. The comrades cut the very branch of the tree on which they were sitting on. We know who fell on the eve of 22nd July. Even if it was the darkest day of Indian politics the people of India will cherish the fact that very few days are left in the left party’s life span in Indian politics.

Not after they mortgaged they only point as savior for their political existence. A party standing for secular interests of the nation was washed down the drain when they voted along with BJP.

Share you views and voice your opinions on the above. As the conduct of debate is one of the last legacies of the left , left in out societies.

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kiran said...

Hi Aravindan

Nice blog –

I agree that Change management has always been opposed and not accepted by many. One needs to understand that Change is inevitable; you have to accept the change after sometime. But if the Change is contributing for the growing our country’s GDP, urbanization, reducing the gap in between rich and poor or per capita income one has to support the changes happening. Today, Indian politics is not restricted to government we can see it everywhere and if you feel politics are the causes for the slow growth of our Nation then you are correct to a very fractional part. What we lack is we have very few good Leaders who take us to the peak with the straight line path than the curved path which takes decades for the change to happen. In today’s technology Changes should happen faster than our thoughts.

Warm Regards